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Chief Wolf

Chief WolfPlayed by **To Be Announced**

The Wolves and Wargs are deadly-fierce canine predators that often allied with the enemy. Their howls make the blood run cold and they can run for many leagues without rest. Not only are the Wolves vicious in their attacks, they are also mounts for orcs known as Wolf-riders. The evil Wolves are called Wargs; a demon morphed Wolf that comes from Wilderland, in the eastern part of the Misty Mountains.

Hundreds now live in the shadow of the goblin-infested mountains. They are intelligent with the Chief Wolf capable of speaking to the pack in a dreadful language Gandalf understands. While they are ferocious and powerful, both the Wolf and Warg fear fire.

The Chief Wolf of the pack that discovered Gandalf, Thorin & Company in the clearing and drove them into the trees was hit by a magically-inflamed pine cone thrown by Gandalf. More were hurled into the pack and several other Wolves were set ablaze by the wizard’s fiery bombardment.

Wolf-riders and Wargs were in the Battle of Five Armies in 2941, killing, rending and savaging Elves, Men and Dwarves.  A “Chieftain”  was in the midst of the attack on Legolas, Aragorn & company, where Legolas fires an arrow through the heart of the Chief.