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The Hobbit Characters

JRR Tokien has a gift of creating characters we all grow to love.  The Hobbit is no exception.  Just as Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were Lord of the Ring characters that captured the world’s heart, The Hobbit is filled with characters that are sure to gain favor.  Here is the list:

Bilbo Baggins gandalf thorin
gollum Smaug

lead characters

balin Bard Beorn Bert

Bifur Bofur Bolg Bombur

Chief Wolf Dain Dori drogo baggins

Dwalin Elrond Fili Galdriel

Gloin Great Goblin Kili Lake Town Master

Lord of the Eagles Nori Oin Ori

Radagast Roac Saruman Spiders

Thranduil Tom William