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Chaos shuts down hobbit casting call

Sky News wrote that the casting call for ‘The Hobbit’ was shut down in New Zealand this Saturday when traffic became chaotic due to thousands more than expected showing up.

Radio New Zealand reported that over 3000 people came to the casting in Lower Hutt, near Wellington, in hopes of landing a role in The Hobbit films. But the massive amount of people backed up traffic and caused two accidents. Local police stated, “The wannabe actors were behaving in a dangerous manner by running across a state highway to get to their audition.”

Since the production company, 3 Foot 7, said, “Only 1,200 people had been expected to turn out for the casting…” casting was closed early for safety precautions.

Hopefully the danger will stay in Middle Earth from now on. Stay tuned for more up to date Hobbit news!

  • Lucky that I didn’t go there – had planned to but then changed my mind because I don’t live in Wellington (but have been here for a few days to visit a friend and FINALLY visit the LotR locations in the area).

  • Jaceman33


  • Wish, wish, wish I could go. So into the whole Hobbit thing since my main Fan Fav Richard Armitage is playing Thorin Oakinshield.  Just the whole Hobbit thing is soooo exciting, love fantasy genre.

  • LissaReckless

    I went there haha yea it was pretty mad

  • Sadly I don´t live in New Zeeland, I would love to be able to auditon in front of Peter Jackson! And with the crowd, they should´ve expected that, it´s the hobbit!!!