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New line of legos for tolkien movies

Late last year Warner Bros. and Lego signed a licensing deal which gave Lego free reign to all Tolkien characters and events from The Lord of the Rings as well as the two upcoming Hobbit films. Released so far are the 9 that make up the fellowship (Legolas, Boromir, Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey, Pippin, Merry, […]


Peter Jackson talks about 48 film speed

David German from Associated Press writes about The Hobbit movie and statements about the new 48 film speed from Peter Jackson at Sundance. PARK CITY, Utah – (AP) — Peter Jackson is making his hobbits and dwarves march double-time in his “The Lord of the Rings” prequel, which he’s shooting in a faster film speed […]


MGM Makes Room for Hobbit and New Zealand Government Under Fire

MGM finished clearing out some room this week in order to receive approval from the Bankruptcy judge to move forward with some of their “highly anticipated” projects (James Bond and of course The Hobbit).  Both movies are not set to be released until late 2012, so a lot is riding on these two films for […]


NZ Union Ends Hobbit Boycott in Hopes to Win Production

On Thursday, The New Zealand Actors Equity recommended calling off a boycott, which had been imposed on The Hobbit film after claims were made that producers would not negotiate a minimum wage with unions.  It is clear that the unions sensed that they were losing the battle, when Hobbit producers planned to visit the country […]


New Hobbit Movie Drama Causing Delays

There have been a lot of developments regarding The Hobbit movies production buzzing around the Internet.  It is hard to gather what is actually truth and opinion in many of these articles, however, there are things that we do know that are taking place, which has caused some concern for Hobbit fans. Firstly, it was […]