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Benedict Cumberbatch tells MTV The Hobbit will be “Amazing”

MTV interviewed Benedict Cumberbatch at Elton John’s Oscar party on Sunday. He had plenty to tell about fun times working with “Sherlock” co-star, Martin Freeman. Enjoy, and stay tuned! Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog


Benedict Cumberbatch talks about his role as Smaug

While on the red carpet for Spielberg’s War Horse, Cumberbatch opens up about his role as Smaug in response to stories saying he will only be contributing his voice for the part. “I’m in it and I’m playing a dragon and I’m also playing the Necromancer. And I’m not – repeat not – doing the […]


Smaug Speaks and More on Aragorn

Yesterday, we posted a recent interview with Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), where he said that he has not been asked to be in The Hobbit movies.  Adding to this, in the same interview, Viggo did say that at one point Hobbit producers did approach him about returning to Middle Earth.  Here is what he said,  “At […]