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New line of legos for tolkien movies

Late last year Warner Bros. and Lego signed a licensing deal which gave Lego free reign to all Tolkien characters and events from The Lord of the Rings as well as the two upcoming Hobbit films. Released so far are the 9 that make up the fellowship (Legolas, Boromir, Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey, Pippin, Merry, […]


Elijah Wood talks about the hobbit at sundance

The Salt Lake Tribune got a few statements from The Lord of the Rings star. Scott D. Pierce writes: Elijah Wood is at Sundance because he’s got a small role in the film “Celeste and Jess Forever.” That comedy was written by Wood’s pal, Rashida Jones, who also stars. “And she asked me to do […]


Elijah Wood Discusses Frodo in Hobbit

As we continue to grow closer and closer to the coveted December of 2012 (Hobbit movie release date) news continues to grow and grow for the Hobbit movies.  More and more people are becoming anxious as “whispers” continue to be heard of production.  Next year will be exciting times. Above is an exclusive interview with […]


Ian Mckellen and Elijah Wood Talk About Hobbit Roles

Well, the Hobbit cast continues to expand as Peter Jackson is clearly planning to try an integrate a smooth transition from The Hobbit movies into The Lord of the Rings series.  It is for this reason that Jackson is bringing back much of the original cast for cameo roles in the new films.  Yet to […]


Elijah Wood to Return as Frodo in The Hobbit Movies

You heard correctly.  Elijah Wood will be returning to work with Peter Jackson and have a role in the upcoming Hobbit movies.  The role of course will be that of Frodo Baggins, the adventurous Hobbit who saves Middle Earth by destroying The One Ring (Lord of the Rings). Just as Legolas does not appear by […]