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BomburPlayed by **STEPHEN HUNTER**

Bombur was one of the twelve companions of Thorin and Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor. The cousin of Bifur and brother of Bofur, he was not descended from Durin.

Bombur is fat dwarf, frequently shown as having been the last in everything, foolish and making mistakes: he tumbled with Bifur and Bofur onto Thorin when they enter Bag End last, he entered Beorn’s house last and yet earlier than intended, and he also fell into the Enchanted River after being asked to go last.

Trusting neither mountain paths nor ropes to hold his weight, he chose to stay and guard the company’s camp while the others moved up Erebor. However, he was forced to use the ropes to escape the rampaging dragon Smaug. Bombur slept at several key moments in the book. When he fell into the Enchanted River, he was entranced and slept for days, causing his already despairing companions to carry him. During the siege of Erebor, Bilbo used Bombur’s sleepiness to his advantage, promising to take Bombur’s midnight watch and allow him to sleep. As well, he was asleep when his barrel was opened at Esgaroth and when Bilbo discovered the secret entrance to Erebor. His weight was problematic during their quest. He played a drum.

Many years later, in The Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins enquired after Bombur and learns that he had grown so fat it took six young dwarves to lift him, as he could no longer move from his bed to his couch.