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Blomkamp Back on the Rumor Mill, MGM Coming Around

Blomkamp Rumored Director

Due to a lot of hearsay that has existed with the production of The Hobbit movies, we have refrained from updating the past month.  However, recently, we have seen and heard of new developments that are worthy of informing you of.

First, after many sources had confirmed that Peter Jackson himself would be returning as director of The Hobbit Movies, a New Zealand film site has declared through their own sources the indeed Neill Blomkamp will be the director of The Hobbit movies.  Though the site is smaller and bears no significant reliability, there is no reason for us to see why they would be incorrectly releasing the information.  However, until it is “officially” announced we  are still planning on Peter Jackson heading up the project.  If Jackson is not the man, Blomkamp is our 97% guess who would replace him.

Another important Hobbit related news release is that MGM seems to be working out the debt woes.  Today marks as their deadline for their 6th debt extension, which has opened up a lot of questions for the future of the films.  However, sources are claiming that other MGM projects, such as 007, are now becoming “green lit” are signaling that MGM may have found a solution to their debt problems so that they can get some of their Marquee film productions launched.  That would also include The Hobbit.  So we will see just what awaits MGM.

For now, the movie seems to be moving forward and deadlines seem to still be within reach.  So far, we should be seeing a 2012 Hobbit film release.

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