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Blomkamp is Out, Now Who Directs?

Neill Blomkamp Director

Earlier this week, news hit the Internet and was reported by TORn that a good source had claimed to have seen production documents which included Niell Blomkamp, Director of District 9, as the new chosen director for The Hobbit Movies.  Although the report was still deemed “unconfirmed”, the source seemed to be reliable and other evidence was also showing support.  However, this is yet another false rumor about the movie. reported that an inside source at William Morris Endeavor (Blomkamp’s agency) said that indeed Blomkamp would not be directing the movies and in fact he was not even contacted from MGM, Warner Bros or United Artists.  In addition to that, Blomkamp will be working on his newest project, Elysium, which is an original sci-fi script written by himself.  The story itself has been very “hush hush” but it is known to take place on another planet.

To be honest, we had a hard time seeing Blomkamp as the director of the films.  It is quite a big gamble to take on a guy with one film under his belt.  Also, We’ve been saying it here all along, we STRONGLY believe that Peter Jackson himself will be the one directing the film.  In fact, Peter will be traveling to LA this week to meet with studio executives.  I wonder what that is about (wink wink)?  We will keep you posted.

  • Bidonde3

    I think that Peter Jackson is the best director fot that film-