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BeornPlayed by **MIKAEL PERSBRANDT**

Not much is known of Beorn’s origins. He once lived in the Misty Mountains near the Goblin’s cave, but at the time of The Hobbit he lived in the edge of the mountains near the Carrock. Beorn was a skin-changer and also was able to transform himself into a great bear. On the first night the Party stayed in his house, he warned them not to go outside “on their own peril.” During the night, Bilbo heard growling and scuffling outside and Gandalf later told the Company he witnesses “a regular bear’s meeting” that night.

The enchantment associated with Beorn didn’t stop with his ability to turn into a bear. His servants were animals that could walk and talk like humans. He aided the Company by providing them food, and the use of his ponies as far as the eaves of Mirkwood. Later, Beorn killed the goblin Bolg in the Battle of Five Armies. Beorn’s descendants were valiant men who aided Aragorn during his search for Gollum (Unfinished Tales – “The Hunt for the Ring”). At the Council of Elrond, Gimli credited the Beornings with keeping the High Pass through the Misty Mountains open for travel between Rivendell and Dale.