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Benedict Cumberbatch talks about his role as Smaug

While on the red carpet for Spielberg’s War Horse, Cumberbatch opens up about his role as Smaug in response to stories saying he will only be contributing his voice for the part.

“I’m in it and I’m playing a dragon and I’m also playing the Necromancer. And I’m not – repeat not – doing the voiceover,”

“I am playing him (Smaug). I am the voice but I am playing the moving, physical dragon. It’s very exciting.”

“I’ve already started working out and doing various movement exercises to get myself limber for that all-important jump suit with balls on it, otherwise known as motion-capture,” he told Collider.
“It’ll be a physical role which I’m no stranger to. I did Frankenstein at the beginning of the year with Danny Boyle at the National Theatre and playing the creature in that was a very full on and sort of corporeal experience.”

With expected attention to detail and stunning effects, it will be interesting to see Cumberbatch’s character on the big screen in December!

  • Gavin

    Wait, motion tracking for Smaug? I am very interested to see how this plays out.

  • Therese

    I am looking forward to December, so much!

  • Sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see him in action when the movie gets released. He’s quite a good actor.

  • BIG R

    Sounds very very stupid.  Makes more sense to motion capture an iguana than it does to motion capture Cumberthatch.  Its a huge dragon for crying out loud! 

  • Simonthegreat

    I am looking forward to December this year…. But I SOOOOOOOOOO wish that it could be brought out earlier…. maybe we could arrange something?

  • Simoncowell

    I know Simonthegreat, you speak the truth, ic ould try and sort something out with the producers.

  • Ollefrisberg

    as a dragon?