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Andy Serkis (Gollum) Exclusive Interview

Andy Serkis GollumThe Collider was able to catch up with one of Peter Jackson’s favorite actors, Andy Serkis, to discuss some of his recent projects, which included a little section on The Hobbit.  Unfortunately, from his reaction, it seems as though there continues to be a sense of indecisiveness of when shooting of the film will actually begin.  Peter Jackson continues to squelch any delay rumors by simply putting it, “Don’t believe what you hear”, but there seems to be enough going on with the studios to just ignore the news.  At any rate, from Serkis’ response, it seems like end of the year still is the target shooting date, unless we’re all getting punk’d and all the cast is in on it.  Here’s what he said:

Collider: You must be crazed getting ready to head off for the long shoot with The Hobbit.

Andy Serkis: That’s probably not looking like it’s gonna happen till the end of the year-ish.  So –

Oh, the shoot has been pushed off from May to—

AS: Yeah, yeah, that’s the latest I’ve heard, but I mean, you know, there’s no… It’s a bit of a movable feast at the moment, really.

What month does that look like? December or so?

AS: I think it’s towards the back-end of this year.  I’m not, I’m really, people keep asking me.  I’m really ashamed to say, I’m probably no better off than you are. Because dates keep changing & all the rest of it.  So, I’m sorry I can’t give you any hot tips there. (Laughs)