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andy serkis ‘gollum’ up for directing a film of his own

After many outstanding performances on the screen, Andy Serkis will be taking a shot behind the scenes as a director for his own movie. His roles in motion-capture have given him a potential advantage as a director while working alongside legends like Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg, to name a few. British producer, Sam Tromans of STS productions, says the drama that Serkis will be directing is, “…a fantastic script with a great female role.” He compares it to “The English Patient up a mountain.”

Since Andy Serkis is somewhat of an apprentice to Peter Jackson these days, expectations are high for his directorial debut. Let us know what you feel about a passion/drama film brought to you by Gollum!

  • Poor guy, whatever he does with his life he’ll always be “the guy who played Gollum”. There’s no avoiding it! He may as will give up trying other things and just crawl into a mountain somewhere…

  • Bart7

    You’re speaking as if it’s not honorable to play gollum. It’s an excellent performance, he is most likely proud of…

  • Kellerztaz59

    Good luck Andy will be looking for it in future!!!!!!

  • Bring It On! Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    I think Andy has a passion for it. Why would Peter trust him with a film crew if he wasn’t good? Just saying.

  • Snof-ru

    he should do the silmarillion then.

  • I’m sure he’ll make a good job, at least he will be very committed to it, he’s such a talented actor.