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A Bearded Aidan Turner Talks Hobbit

aidan turner hobbit

Reporters were able to catch up with one of the newest Hobbit cast members who is expected to put a dent in the standard that Orlando Bloom has set as The Middle Earth heart throb.  Aidan Turner, who has been casted to play the role of Kili (one of the Dwarves) talked to reporters and gave an update on his experience so far with The Hobbit production.

Turner released the info that indeed he is going to give the beard a shot…for now.  He said,

“I’m growing out the beard – we’re giving it a chance, [and] seeing what it looks like,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

He denied the facial hair was to “de-handsomify” him, saying:

“No, not really. I mean, famously in the books, the dwarves have really long beards, so we’re just trying stuff out and seeing what it looks like.”

Turner is currently one of the many who is undergoing “boot camp” for the newest actors set to enter Middle Earth.  The camp hopes to quickly educate the actors of the world of Tolkien and help them gain a true understanding of the world they are about to enter.  In referring to the camp, Turner said,

“It’s dwarf boot camp, not really hobbit boot camp. It’s just all dwarves – training and stuff.  I can’t really give too much away, you know? But it’s pretty much everything. It’s physical training and everything you can imagine, really. I guess just working as an actor helps you for these things. It’s more physical than anything else, but there’s dialect coaching and all those kind of things.”

In other news, the latest attack on The Hobbit took place when a large earthquake hit New Zealand.  It has been reported that no delay of production is expected as a result of the earthquake.  Peter Jackson announced his apologies for those people who have been affected by the disaster and offered any support they could give.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the article. I am hoping for some more one-on-one “face-time” with Richard Armitage too. 😉

  • Db8ts

    My all time favorite movie was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I just can’t wait for the Hobbit to come out. I think Peter Jackson is one of the finest director/movie makers ever. I really do wish he would also think about making the REAL prequel, the book that preceeded the Hobbit. I have read all of the books and would love to have the entire collection in movies as well. I still regularly watch all three of the extended versions of the movie.

  • adam

    Don’t believe you stole mitchel
    good luck aidan 😉

  • Shoneejay

    they killed Mitchell off Being human for what! You have to be kidding me!

  • Smith

    I can’t believe they killed of Mitchell! What a joke, it’s like killing the star of the show they might as well have ended Being Human all together

  • Princessniknak

    aidan,you certainly made the right choice to leave being human to pursue your american dream.good luck with all your endeavours you appallingly talented man….you look pretty hot too.x